Badger and Fox presents Photography by the Australian Seascape Group

Badger and Fox Gallery are proud to present photography by the Australian Seascape Group with a new exhibition opening from 6pm February 2016 for opening night. The exhibition will run weekends 11am-6pm from February 6th to 28th.

Australian seascape group

ASG (Australian seascape group), we are a group of passionate photographers who enjoy taking great photos and meeting with new friends. We provide many photographic activities and events for members to share and learn from each other.

ASG is a not-for-profit society based in Australia. Most of our members are in NSW with the remainder coming from other states or territories. Our members are friendly and helpful. Our group has developed a culture of self-cultivation, aesthetic creativity, confidence and fun. We encourage mutual communication between enthusiasts with common interests, particular in sharing knowledge, skills and experiences between our members. This is important to expand our vision and enrich our photography experiences.

ASG was formed in 2012 by a small group of Sydney photography enthusiasts, who published numerous landscape photos on a world-wide popular Chinese photography forum — The result was overwhelming with high attraction and popularity.

During 2013, we witnessed a great improvement of members’ technical prowess and creativity. In August 2014, one of the ASG members (Wolongshan) created a WeChat group with an official subscription account named Australian Seascape Group. With his excellent photographic skills, the group expanded rapidly and attracted a large number of passionate photographers to join.

Today, there are more than 150 active photographers and enthusiasts in the group, sharing photography ideas, experiences and techniques via the WeChat group on a daily basis. The group regularly organises activities for members, such as weekly outdoor photo shoots and information on upcoming photography competitions.

Most of our members are amateur photographers with a strong passion for photography. As a result of a few years of development, Australian Seascape Group now represents a high standard of landscape photography of Australian Chinese. Many of us have received numerous awards from various international photography competitions. Many of our works have received high recognition and publicity from professional photography websites, such as and Our members regularly write micro blogs to share their skills and launch discussions on contemporary topics of photography.

Although ASG originally focuses on landscape photography, especially seascapes, some of our members are also experts in various photographic categories, including: portraiture, architectural photography, astrophotography, street photography, black& white and vernacular photography.

The Exhibition

Badger and Fox present photography by the Australian Seascape Group
  • Opening night: February 3rd, 2016 from 6pm – 8pm
  • General opening times: Weekends, February 6th – 28th, 2016 from  11am – 6pm

Australia seascape photography group

On Display

Australia seascape photography group-2


Australia seascape photography group-3Australia seascape photography group-9Australia seascape photography group-1Australia seascape photography group-11Australia seascape photography group-10Australia seascape photography group-7Australia seascape photography group-6Australia seascape photography group-5Australia seascape photography group-12Australia seascape photography group-8Australia seascape photography group-4

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  • Annette Emannuel

    David This is a really outstanding portfolio of Australian landscapes . Memorable, very distinctive . Congratulations ! Annette Emannuel

    🌀 Query : Would I bc able to use an image on Pinterest – with full accreditation – to publicise your work ?


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