Sala Parés Gallery

Badger&FoxGallery is pleased to be associated with Spain’s oldest gallery Sala Parés. Established in 1887 and situated in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona, the building was designed to house in 1884 the most spacious private art gallery in Europe. Combined with Galeria Trama, which is dedicated to contemporary art and is located in the same building, the traditional and contemporary worlds combine reflecting the artistic life of Barcelona.

The two galleries, part of the same family business, represent over sixty living artists, from all over Spain as well as from other countries. The work ranges from classical figurative painting to more current trends. The collections of the two galleries, with over two thousand pieces, by more than a hundred different painters, also include selected works by masters of Catalan modernism, as many of the great Catalan artists of the last two centuries exhibited at Sala Parés.

Badger&FoxGallery will regularly exhibit works from the Sala Parés collection and hold show’s of selected artists. We are happy to help expand and continue the remarkable artistic history of Sala Parés, a gallery that has shown some of world’s finest artists. It was also where, in 1901, Pablo Picasso had his first gallery exhibition.